Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Willard Family Reunion '09

This past week July 9th - 11th, we had our yearly family reunion with my sisters and brother. However, Cliff wasn't able to make it this year, so it was just us 5 girls and our families. It was our first year to have it without Dad or Mom being there. The theme was "Continueing the Legacy, Back together again!" I know that Mom and Dad were with us and were proud of our family continueing what they both felt was so important, our family remaining close and making memories together.
I was in charge this year and we had it up to our cabin in the Uintas. It was a a lot of work to get ready for it, but so worth it. I think that everyone had a great time. We had about 53 people there total. Most set up tents around the property, and except for the first "cold" night they faired pretty well. Of course one advantage of the cabin being yours is you get the bed inside. We had some good food if I don't say so myself and a lot of fun activities. We had games that we could play around the camp, we went on a GEO Cache hunt (you have to use GPS units for that), some went down to target shoot and trap shoot, and we all had fun on taking turns on the ATVs, especially Jordan!! He went down to let everyone in at the gate as they arrived. It was never hard to talk him into going anywhere on them. Some left after it was over Saturday, but some of my sister and our kids stayed to spend another night.

Larry and my family has been wanting to do this night time Cache, and we finally went and did it. It was a lot of fun to find, even stumbling along in the dark. It was called ""9 refletors" and so we had to do it at night with a flashlight to see the reflectors. We had to go to the first reflector and then shine our flashlight until we saw the next, and then on to that one to find the next. It pretty much just took us in a circle and we found the cache on the other side of the road across from our bikes. Very fun Cache though. All in all we had a very exhausting, but great time. Thanks for everyone coming and supporting us. We hope you all had a blast!!

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  1. Hey Patsy! Thanks again for letting us come. We had a great time! Love you! Jennie, John and Rian