Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home

This past weekend I went to my mother and father's home in Wendell, Idaho. My 4 sisters and 1 brother all met there to finish up the task of cleaning out the house. It was a long day Saturday, but we are finished, basically. We all had loaded vehicles and there's just a few things left to take to D.I. Thanks to Marla for finishing that up for us. Marla is also going to hire some ladies to come in and give it a good cleaning. Then we're praying that we can get it sold quickly.

It was however a bitter sweet weekend for me. As I thought I'll probably never set foot inside that home again. It wasn't my home where I grew up, but it was the last place that my parents lived and I have many memories of being there. As I was single for so long it was my home away from my own home and I spent many holidays and long weekend with my mom and dad there. It was a place where many a nephew or niece stopped on there way through to see Grandma and Grandpa and have a place to rest. Many other relatives stopped by to take a break and spend some precious time with them also. Even though I never lived there it is hard to see it being sold. It truly feels that I am a homeless orphan in some ways. I'll miss going to Wendell to visit the cute little town and my parents.
We saw one of my mother's best friends at church Sunday morning and she told us that it felt like a funeral all over again...'cause she knew she would probably never see us again as that is how life seems to go. I don't expect we will ever have a reason to attend the church there again. I know that I'll return to Wendell, because I will want to visit the gravesites of my parents, but I'm sure that it will not be quite as often. Thank goodness Katie, my niece is still there. Maybe she'll let us stay with her once in a while or Marla is not much further.
Mom and Dad.. I love you and I miss you,and now it all seems so final. Thanks for the wonderful parents you were and all you've helped me to become. Goodbye Home Sweet Home!