Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well...I got home Sunday night from the Family Reunion and thought...."I'll just relax on Monday and take it easy", that was not to be. Monday morning about 10 after 10:00, my fellow teacher, Brenda calls and says our school is on fire. I couldn't believe it! We went over about 11:30 to see what was happening. The faculty room had started on fire because of a stove. By the way I've never seen anyone ever use that stove in the past 6 years. I thought that maybe my room could be gone, because I'm close to the office and the faculty room. The fire department did a good job of keeping the fire contained in that area. My room does have smoke damage, but I'm not really sure about how it all is. At least I didn't lose 26 years of teaching, which would have been devastating. We have a meeting next week to see what is to become of our school. I don't think we'll be starting on Aug. 24th there...which means moving everything. What a pain!! Will the excitement ever end?? If I find a video or picture of it I'll add it to this post soon.


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