Monday, January 31, 2011

Heavenly Father's Creations

I just have to blog about this even though I don't have pictures. Shannon, Chris, and Jennsen wanted to go up to the cabin this last weekend, and I know I write about it a lot. Oh how I wish my camera could have taken a picture Friday night when we got out of the vehicle in the parking area to get out our snowmobiles. It was about 9:00 PM,I guess, and the moon was not out,.... and the stars were....just breathtaking. It seemed that you could see all of the stars that could have been possibly out there. I can't even describe how awed I was of what is out there in our universe and beyond. I couldn't look at it and not think about the immense creations of our Father in Heaven. It was awesome!!! Saturday was beautiful up there also. It was sunny and the temp got up to 50 degrees. The snow was crusted on top and with the sun shining on it it looked like a field of sparkling diamonds. It was a beautiful weekend. I'm so thankful for my Heavenly Father and all that he has created for us to enjoy. I just had to share my love of being out and seeing the beautiful world.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't Forget to Read

Hey.... I just realized that my latest post says I did it a week ago. That's because that's when I started it.. LOL It just took me a week to get all of it written and the pictures downloaded to my post. Seems that I am way slow with Christmas this year. I finally got my Christmas post finished and this past weekend, I finally got Christmas down in my house. I guess since I didn't get to enjoy my decorations at home for very long, we just enjoyed them a little longer this year. Actually I didn't have time to take them down after we got home from the cabin and then the next weekend we went up to Cassy and Reed's for Isaac's baptism. I've been too tired after school to take things down and it has been way to cold outside to take the outside stuff down. However, finally it is all down!! TA DA!!! As much as I love putting Christmas up, it is also so nice to get down. The house seems so fresh and empty and just right for a fresh start to the year. Happy New Year all!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Walker Cabin Christmas

This year I was out of school as of the 17th and Larry and I had planned to use the entire vacation and just go up and relax at the cabin. However,Larry's work had different ideas. They informed Larry that he wasn't going to be able to have all that vacation after all. He has a pump that is due to be out at the end of January and there was enough problems with it that they needed everyone to work all that they could to get the job done. So we weren't able to leave for the cabin until the 23rd of Dec. and then Larry was going to have to come back down to work on Dec. 28th-30th. It did give me a little more time to finish up a few last minute things and finish getting packed up. So anyway, the morning of the 23rd we packed up the pilot with all the things that we needed, and that didn't leave much room left for the dogs. So we were off and going and as you can see in the pictures Sadie found her a spot on top of the bags, since Brandie was taking up what room that there was.

Once we got there we got our snowmobiles out along with our sled and got about half of our things onto the sled. There was a lot of snow up there, but the roads were well groomed and we easily made our way up to the cabin. We could both see the snow was quite deep, so I waited out on the road with the sled while Larry went in with his machine to try and make a path for us to get everything pulled in without getting stuck...well....that didn't go over so well. The wet snow on top allowed Larry's machine to sink down into the powder and it made for a rough go of it. To make a long story short Larry got stuck about 5 or 6 times. I couldn't really help him because I couldn't walk in to help nor take my machine. Because it was starting to get dark he finally left his machine and waded out and then we went and got another machine and finally ended up leaving my machine out on the road with the sled and just going in on the one machine. Good thing that the cabin is stocked with a few things so we had plenty that we could eat.
The next morning Larry went back out and got a path into the cabin and we finally got all our stuff in. There was about 4 feet out on the deck and plenty of snow that had slid off the roof in the stairway.

That afternoon Shannon, Chris and Jennsen arrived and we finished getting ready for our Christmas Eve. We had homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and enjoyed our evening together. We watched the little clip of the Nativity which brought the meaning of Christmas into perspective. Christmas morning came and without any small children we just enjoyed sleeping in so we didn't get started on the presents until about 9:30 or so. Shannon is big into taking pictures of the dogs since her little girl is 16 and not to much into posing for her mom anymore. Anyway so we put some packages up and enjoyed having some fun with the dogs in front of the packages. Trying to get them to stay there was quite the challenge...but as you can see we got Larry to pose fairly well.

We found what Santa had left in our stockings and among brandie's and Sadie's favorites were their bones and a duck that Abbie and Maggie (their cousins.. lol) gave to them.

Even little Maggie decided that those big bones looked delicious.

We all were pleased with the gifts we were given. I especially loved my Wii and my digital photo frame, and I think Larry is going to love his auto clay pigeon thrower when he gets a chance to use it.

We finally got around to having breakfast close to lunch time so we just decided that it was brunch. We got a lot of puzzles for Christmas (on purpose) so we went to work putting it together and of course played the wii and had fun with it. The dogs had had so much excitement that they were just plain tuckered out.

Sincw we were up there for a long time we spent our time reading, doing puzzles, playing games and of course playing on the wii from time to time. Larry went down to work Tuesday morning just from the cabin. Since I had gotten him some work clothes for Christmas he didn't have to go home Monday night. Chris just got up early and took him down to the car so he didn't have to put away a machine or anything. It worked out great for him. One bad part about the time we spent up there was that Wednesday evening the power kept flipping on and off and then about 11:00 (good thing we were headed off to bed anyway) the power stayed off and was off until about 6:00 Thursday morning. The worst of it is that the power being off allowed our on demand water heater to freeze and when the power came on it wasn't good. We turned off the water and called Larry, who was luckily coming back up around noon that day. It was truly a blessing that it happened just like that. Larry was able to bring up some things that were needed to fix it with Chris' help. It isn't totally fixed but we did have hot water for the remainder time that we were there. I'm sure that Larry will figure out exactly what is up with it and will get it fixed.
We had a great time on New Year's Eve also. We had our other grand daughter Kylee over with us. Devin and Charity were staying in a cabin belonging to their mother's parents nearby. Every year those that are up at their cabins come down to the caretaker's cabin at the sheds and have a potluck luncheon. Everyone brings something to go with the meal and the assotiation BBQ's chicken, burgers, and hotdogs. It's fun to get to know neighbors and people that are there and they also have a little raffle to raise a little money for the association.

We also went down to the bonfire again this year, but I've taken so many pictures of that in years past that I thought they were starting to look like the same year. Although I kinda wished that I had taken it because this year with all the snow on top it was interesting to see how it burned so differently. However, may I say that it was so cold that on the way back to the cabin it had to have been the coldest ride I've ever taken. I don't think I could feel my fingers under my gloves. That night we also had to dress the poor dogs up for the New Year and enjoyed a little Martinellis to bring in the new year. Of course we also were working on puzzles and played some games. Low key but lots of fun