Sunday, November 14, 2010

BYU and My Sisters

Early Fall, our cousin, Ron Bird, sent out and email wanting to know if anyone wanted tickets to a BYU Football game. He said he had 6 extra tickets. I emailed him back and asked how much they cost. That very evening he called and told us the cost and asked which game we wanted to see. Knowing how much Larry is TRUE BLUE, I asked him if he'd like to see a game and he said sure. Of course this was before we knew how badly their year would be going. Anyway we decided on the game against UNLV on November 6th. He asked if anyone else might want tickets I told him that Georgia and Richard might like to come out and I didn't know about the others. I emailed the rest of the more local sisters to ask them if they had gotten the same email from Ron and told them if they were interested that we were going to the UNLV game if they wanted to go the same time as us. Ron called back and said that Georgia and Richard were in and then I soon found out Roberta and Keith were in also. Bonnie and Randy wanted to come also, but I didn't know if Ron had any more tickets...there were only 6 that he offered. To make a long story short we all got tickets. Bonnie and Randy got their seats next to Ron and his wife Teri. Soon Roberta called and asked if Larry and I would like to come down Friday night on the 5th to spend the night since Georia and Richard would be in from Vernal to stay and Bonnie and Randy would be up from St. George to stay the night. Since Keith's birthday was Nov. 3rd and Georgia's was Nov. 9th, she said we could celebrate and have some fun together. We thought that was a great idea, plus we wouldn't have to drive down in all the traffic.
So Friday evening we all met at Roberta's in Orem. Roberta had fixed a delicious soup and we enjoyed a great evening together. We had planned to maybe play some games, but we spent the night mostly visiting and of course we didn't get to bed until early in the morning hours. We decided that we'd have breakfast not too early and then make some sandwiches that we would take with us and do a little tail gate before the game since we couldn't take any food in. Everyone had brought something to add to the meals which made it easy on Roberta. The game started at noon so we decided to head up about 10:30 and get a parking spot early and then we would have time to have our sandwiches etc. So we all piled into our Pilot and put Randy's handicap thing on our mirror so we could get a great parking place, however may I say even though it is 8 passenger, the 3 seats in the back really aren't meant for adults as my 3 sister can testify. I really wish I could have had a picture of that. However just so they know after we got home I found out how to work the seats so that there was more leg room back there. (sorry it wasn't sooner.) Anyway...after we got there it was a little early to eat so we went in and found our seats and got settled and then we went back out to the car for our little tail gate. I even have Larry yelling with the others saying "Go Cougars!!"

It was quite the game UNLV couldn't do anything right. We sang the fight song so much Larry almost knew the words. :) The game became a little dull actually, but being together was great. Bonnie and Randy were a little lonely, 'cause Ron and Teri were late, but they eventually got there too. I hope you can see Randy with the Red hat and purple shirt down there in the crowd picture with Bonnie sitting next to him. lol

After the game we made it back home, Ron and Teri came too. We played some games (What's that Europe train game called again??) and visited, until we had dinner. I wish we could have had Cliff and Marla there too (hopefully next time), but it was so great just to be together and have a lot of fun. Before Georgia and Richard left, Bonnie wanted to get a few more pictures that she didn't get of our hands with the cougar stamp on them and as you can see we got a little silly...especially take a look at Georgia and her hand stamp. (tee hee)

What a great time we had together. I really know we have to make times like these happen for us all. Times when we can just be together and have fun together. Love you all my sisters and your hubbies!! Go Cougars and Willards!!