Monday, July 20, 2009

20th anniversary of 20th high school reunion

Larry and I attended his 4oth class reunion Saturday night. He went to Roy High School in Roy Utah. The home of the Royals. It was held at Timbermine Restaraunt up in Ogden Canyon. It was a very nice place. He had about 60 of his classmates there. He seemed to be enjoying catching up with people he hadn't seen for awhile. You know me I just make conversation with whomever I'm with. It was fun to see them taking a class picture together. They had about 350 in his class. They even had pictures of those who had passed away, which was about 35 of them. Their colors were black and gold and I guess I just never made that connection that his colors were the same as my high school. They had Black and Gold fabric napkins and black and gold candies on the table. I almost felt like I were at a good 'ole Boron High School reunion. This year was my 30th...but we've never had anything since our 10th that I know of. There's a few of us old girlfriends that have found each other through facebook, and we're going to go to Sedona Arizona and enjoy a weekend with each other this next October. I think it will be fun. It's been fun talking with them on facebook and I'm sure after getting together we'll have a lot more in common again. I'll have to write more after this adventure in October.

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