Monday, June 29, 2009

Just getting started

I thought this would be fun to try. We'll see how it goes. Maybe this will be a great place to share things that I love and help me in keeping a journal also. I'm a bit busy at the time getting ready for a family fact I don't know why I decided to do this today, other than I was looking at some of the nieces blogs and clicked on the make a blog and I just kept going. I'll try to have some pictures and other things soon.

Our Home Away from Home

Since 2005 we've been working on this little cabin of ours. Larry, along with the help from family members, spent that whole summer and into October working on this project. Throughout the past 4 years we've worked to get it to the point that we can enjoy it, althought it still needs some finishing touches. We've been up with the famly snowmobiling in the winter and riding our ATV's in the summer. It has really been a place for family and we are happy about that. In fact we're going to be having the Willard Family Reunion there in a few weeks. I'll have to share some of those photos when I get them.

The Walker Family

Larry has wonderful kids that have really accepted me as part of the family. They've been so good to me and I appreciate them for all their love and the fun that we have together.

The Kids

We have two kids, I mean labs, that think they are the princess' of the home. I think that they just might be.