Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm Going Back in Time

Guess I going to go back in time. I know everyone who reads this is going to boring, this is OLD news girl. Oh well.. I do want it in my book if I ever have it bound into a book. Clear back in February, my nephew, whom I taught in 2nd grade, returned from his mission in Tijuano, Mexico. I took off a half day of school so that I could spend some time with Georgia and family and so that I wouldn't be running to get there on time. So I called the Millett clan to see where they were when I took off from work about noon. They said that they were just finishing lunch and would I like to meet them at the cemetary. They were going to the cemetary to put some flowers on Cassy and Reed's baby that had been born a year before and had died. It was kinda nice that Garrett was coming home at the same time so that the family could be together for all of it. So I met them up there and spent the rest of the evening with them.

I was glad I had taken the day off, because Garrett's plane actually landed a little early. It was fun to see everyone waiting for him and to see him finally come down the escalator. He looked good. I especially loved seing him hug his little brother. I knew that Jordan needed a brother to be with him. It's been hard on him since losing his big brother, Dustin. Larry met us for dinner and we enjoyed our time with the Millett family. We also went out for Garrett's homecoming in Vernal, on President's weekend.

Soon after that Cassy invited us to come and see her little Abagail put on the pre-show for a Jazz game. We had a lot going that week with a play and also a symphony to attend, but we said sure. Then we found out that Richard, Georgia, and the boys were also coming out. That was a bonus too. Our seats were way up there, but we did get to sit down low at least to see the pre-show. While we were waiting for the preshow we got to see the Jazz players warming up so I got quite a few good pics with my camera. However.. I realized that I was so involved in watching Abby that I never got my phone back out to take any pictures of her. Sorry Abby....

We also enjoyed our play "Diary of Anne Frank" and the symphony that week also. Was a busy but very fun week. I'm going to try and get Spring Break on here next... but life is getting very busy with end of school and testing and packing to move into the school for next year. Which I'll also write about later. Maybe I'm back to the future, at least a little bit.

I'm Still Alive

I was checking out everyones blogs today and I didn't realize it had been so long since I last blogged. It seems as though I've been way busy and haven't had time, yet I'm not really sure what I have to show for not keeping up with this. I'll have to do better. I have quite a few things that I have been going to put on here and haven't. I haven't even put my pictures on and said anything about Garrett coming home. Talked about the Jazz game or anything else. I was going to do it today and my internet is going so slow today for some reason that I can't see myself being patient enough to get pictures downloaded or anything today. Maybe I'll just start a draft of my next blog and then at least it will be started. I just thought I'd speak a small paragraph today to let everyone know that I still am alive and kicking. :)