Tuesday, January 19, 2010

At long last and update......

At long last and update......
Wow...at long last I'm going to update. I haven't tried for quite awhile because I felt like it would take too long and I haven't had the time. Today I had a day off from school with no pay...you know the cutbacks... and so today I decided to at least update about the last few months. This way you'll at least know that I'm still alive.
So I'll start with Thanksgiving. Georgia, Richard and Jordan came out to spend it with us since we were going to be by ourselves. We appreciate the fun we had together. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and had Larry's dad over for dinner. We played games and of course since the paddle boat was still out we had to try a little early winter boat ride...well at least Richard and Jordan did, and then they made Georgia so she could get some pictures of the ice. As they started out they thought they'd make it out of the inlet and we could all see a little skim of ice on top of the water. I thought they'd just crash right through it, but they tried and tried and finally had to make a return trip. So it was a short ride.

And they're off...

Just can't make it through....

Of course the next day was Black Friday and Larry and Richard had really been looking at the adds for place like Harbor Freight, Home Depot, etc. So at 6:00 am they were off to do some shopping. Georgia and I slept in a little...maybe she would have liked to have gone out early too, however that isn't really my thing. We did go to Kholes and picked up a few things. Then after we all got home we went to see a great movie, "Blindside". It was one of the best movies I've seen for awhile. We also went into to Temple Square the that night to see the lights on the 1st night. It was a beautiful evening and it wasn't even very cold. Even though we've done this numerous times it is always a beautiful and inspiring activity.

We of course also found some time to do a little GEO hunting. We just did some right around here in Stansbury, so the ones we found were all micros. We could have used another GPS, but we had fun anyway.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. Thanks Milletts for coming to spend some time with us. We love you.

Christmas 2009
We were off to the cabin again this year. We left on the 23rd of December with plans to stay through the new year. This year our oldest daughter, Shannon and her husband and daughter Chris and Jennsen came with us. Not only that, our son Devin and Charity and Kylee also came up and stayed at the cabin close by that belongs to their grandparents, so we were able to see them a few times while we were up there.

We also had Sadie and Brandi, and also Shan's Abby and a new addition of Maggie, Jennsen's new Mini Pin. So we had a ton of etertainment.

I was shocked at how Maggie wasn't even afraid of the big dogs. We had to keep an eye on her for her own safety if you know what I mean. Even if they played with her they are a little big when they get playing.
Even though we were there for a week and a half, we found plenty of things to do and enjoy. We were a little concerned that we wouldn't have all that much fun with the lack of snow. We did fine on the trails, but couldn't get off the trails with the lack of the white stuff.

We still took a few rides on the snowmobiles and had a great time playing games, reading (I got a great book from Larry for Christmas) and we watched a lot of movies. Chris and Jennsen brought up all three movies of "The Lord of the Rings" so we marathoned with them.
New's Year Eve was spent at the traditional burn pile bonfire. Our Grand daughter,Kylee, was with us also and I think she had a lot of fun. Someone had built a snowbear down at the bonfire. We had to take a picture because it was melting fast with the heat from the fire. After the bonfire we went home and got out the goodies, played games, and watched a movie to bring in the New Year.

It was a wonderful, fun, and relaxing holiday. We were especially happy to have a few of our kids there to enjoy too!! Happy New Year 2010