Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little Catching Up To Do!

It seems that once school gets close to starting and for the 1st month I just don't find time to sit down here and type. Because I was moving to a room inside the building this year, I had a ton to do to get my new room ready, so I was out to the school some in July and quite a bit in Aug. We started back to work on the 16th or was it the 17th? Anyway, I was very involved trying to get things going there. However there are a few things that have happened since I wrote the last part of July that I want to be part of my blog, so I'll do a little catching up here.
I'll start with how Larry and I celebrated the Days of '47 (24th of July). We did go to the cabin that weekend, but the 24th was on a Sunday, so we decided to go to the Days of '47 rodeo. It had been a long time since either of us had been to it. With our grand daughter, Jennsen, now enjoying her horse and us being a little more involved with her and her horse events, it was a little more in our thinking. So Monday the 25th we headed off to the rodeo, which in now being held at the Maverick Center on the West side of Salt Lake City. I didn't take my camera, but after getting there decided to take a few pics with my phone. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the events. Although the bull riders couldn't seem to stay on for anywhere near the 8 seconds, however we enjoyed the clowns. So I thought I'd share a few pictures.

As I said before we've been enjoying Jennsen's new love of horses and her beautiful thoroughbred, Sue. She's had her up to the cabin a few times, enjoying riding the horse over the 4 wheelers. She just come along with us if we aren't going too far. I think Sue loves it up there. A couple of weekends ago, Jennsen and Chris got up and put Sue out on her Zip Line and then came in to eat breakfast. About 5 minutes later Jennsen got up to check on her and announced that she was gone. We weren't too worried. We told her to just go out and get her back on the line. We all thought that she would just be close around eating, but she was truly missing. So the hunt was on. We got on the 4 wheelers and started hunting...went through the trees to see if she was just out there and we couldn't see her. Still no Sue! Finally Chris had talked to some kids that were out on their 4 wheelers if they had seen her and they hadn't but he asked them to keep an eye out. They soon came yelling that she was up the road. Sue had actually broken the clip that was holding her to the rope and just decided to take herself on a walk I guess. She had stayed on the road, even on the right side of the road and taken herself on the path that Jennsen had often taken her. Jennsen had been in tears, I'm so happy that she was found. Chris has decided he needs a bit heavier clip than the cheap one he had. :)

We had our 1st Walker Family Reunion this year. I was talking with Larry's sister, Jean, about how it would be nice if She and her brothers could get together. Jean thought that was a great idea, so we made plans to hold a reunion the 1st weekend in August this year. We offered to have the reunion at the cabin. Larry's brother and sister had not yet been up to see the cabin. Jean lives just outside Sacramento in Elk Grove, CA and Steve lives in Roy, UT. Jean said she wanted to plan it as she loved to do that and wanted it to have a bit of a genealogy flair to it. She wanted to spend some time helping the nieces and nephews getting to know their great grandparents a little better. She really did a ton of work and had pictures for each grandchild and for her brothers. She also put together a 4 generation folder for each child so they could actually have the genealogy. I thought it was great, especially since some of the family are not active in the church. She also videoed the evening with her and Larry and Steve talking about their memories. She wanted to get the information written down, so she was going pull it from the tape. We had a lot of fun together also. They went down to the gun range several times, they went on a few 4 wheeler rides. Of course, we went looking for some Geo Caches. (That seems to be the only thing I had my camera out for.) I took Diana, Steve's wife, Jean on a little ride also. Jean was a bit nervous, because she had never driven the ATV and she did great. Each family took a breakfast and a dinner and we had some great meals. I hope they don't wait too long to do it again.

Larry went ahead and took Monday as a vacation day also. Jean was going to stay with us through the next week and wanted to go to a few of the gravesites where relatives were buried. So Monday we got up early and began our trek towards Ogden. We had already stopped Sunday evening on our way home in Coalville and Hoytsville to see who we could find in those areas. We went to West Weber and also Brigham City looking for ancestors of the Walker line. Jean had really done her homework and wanted pictures of certain gravestones. There really is something to be said of being where your ancestors actually walked and lived. A surprise for me is that I didn't know that Lorenzo Snow was buried in the Brigham City Cemetary. I thought that was cool and had to get a couple of pictures of that.

We of course had to make a little pit stop at Smith and Edwards and do a little shopping. We got home about 5:00 and it was such an enjoyable day together. I love doing things like that.

Some other things that have happend are a couple of the grandchildren have had birthdays. Kylee, Devin and Charity's girl, just had her special birthday when she turned 9 on the 9th of September. We went into be with her at Chuck E. Cheese. I've never been there before and now I know why? You can almost hold a conversation there. Kylee, I think, was excited that we had come and we enjoyed showing her our love by being there. She is growing up to be a beautiful young lady. The first thing she said when we got there was how she was going to be able to be in this tube and try to catch as many tickets as she could. She had a lot of fun and came up with about 300 points with her tickets.

Then on Sept. 12th was Dallin's, Jamie and Bruce's youngest, 8th birthday. His birthday was on a Tuesday, so we actually celebrated the Saturday before. He wanted a camping birthday, so Jamie and Bruce had their 5th wheel up in a Old, little mining town just south of Tooele, called Ophir. There's still a small little town up there, although the mining is non existent. It's up a canyon once you turn on to the highway leading towards Lehi. We enjoyed some hamburgers and hotdogs (just what Dallin wanted.) and then we had cake and ice cream and a little tour of the town led by Bruce. It was an enjoyable evening. Dallin will be getting baptized on October 8th and is excited, but a little nervous about going under the water. We are proud of him.

The only other thing we've been up to is working on the cabin and getting the deck and the side of the cabin that takes most of the beating from the snow and weather weatherproofed and ready for the winter. Seems as life is always moving at a very fast pace. I hope to stay a little more current as the months keep coming. I can't believe that it is almost October and next week I already have my first parent teacher conference. Time sure flies!