Friday, July 16, 2010

A Whole Year!!

My thoughts this week have been on the anniversary of the school fire. On July 13th it was a year since we had the fire at our old G.E.S. The school is totally down and they are working on the new building, although all it looks like they've done over there is move the dirt around. I need to go over and take some pictures. I'll add one to this entry when I do. I'm sure they've done more than it looks like they've done. I know there are things they have to do below the ground before they start. However, I'm not really sure that they can have a whole building up before August of 2011 with only what I see completed so far. They might surprise me. Who knows where I'll end up when it is completed. They will be making both schools K-6th grade schools, so our team will be split between the two schools unless we change grades, which I'm not doing unless I'm forced too!
It was quite a year last year. Very hard in many ways!! I'm looking forward to a new year and a better attitude for me. I've moved to a new portable, which wasn't very fun to move again, but it is bigger and it will put all of the 4th grade together rather than split between the front and back of the school. I just think that will help immensely. We know the school better and I think we, as a team, will be much more unified again finally!! So here is to a new year!!

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