Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garrett and Kaitlynn!!

!!! On May 11th a dear nephew was married in the Vernal Temple. Garrett chose a cute and wonderful girl from Vernal, Kaitlynn Winn. The funnny thing is that I've known her since she was born also. I lived right around the corner from her parents and we were in the same ward in Vernal. Anyway, she's a very cute girl with a wonderful family. I was so happy for him and it was so evident by the smile on his face that he was an extremely happy young man that day. Amazingly they also had the opportunity to buy home before they were married. Not many young couples are able to do that. It's also fun that he is living in Kaitlyn's and my old ward. I've got spies that can keep an eye on him. Garrett is a special nephew as I was also able to be his 2nd grade teacher, so I spent a lot of time with him. He called me Miss Willard at school and sometimes when I was over at their house I had to tell him he could call me Aunt Patsy and that we were off the clock. I don't know it really mattered what he called me, the class all knew he was my nephew. I really don't have favorites when it comes to my 28 nieces and nephews, I love them all very much. (Don't want any of the others to think I have favorites.) I've had a lot of time to spend with them all and they are all a special part of my life. However, I did have opportunity to be even a bigger part of Garrett's life and I'm happy that he has been successful so far and hope for great things for him in his and his new family's lives. Best of luck to Garrett and Kaitlynn!! May you cherish each other and always remember this special day and how much you love each other. Love to you from me. On a side note, all my sisters were there and so we had to take a few pictures together and so I wanted to add some of those to this post. It is always good to be with my family. I'm grateful that we try to stay in touch and are there to support each other and our families. Love you sisters and hubbies!!

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