Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blast From the Past

Well....so it has been a few months since I have put my fingers to the keyboard and added anything to this blog, but I'm no longer teaching and this is my first week out of school and I decided it is time to put something down. I know that it doesn't work too well to try and go back to all the things you've missed posting, but I just have to put some of these things down as I like to use this as a bit of a journal.
I'm going to go clear back to December of 2011. We were all so excited as a family to have Nate and Steph come up. They had moved to Las Vegas from Georgia and we hadn't been able to get together as a whole family since they moved. Steph was pregnant with their first and was due the first week of March.
With her family in Georgia we wanted Steph to have a baby shower, so we decided while they were here we would have a baby shower. Shannon, as always, went way overboard and planned the whole thing.
We also enjoyed Christmas Eve together as a family. Nate and Steph needed to leave Christmas Day, so we felt Christmas Eve would work best. I asked the girls to each make a soup and then I ordered bread bowls and also made a soup. Along with a few other things added to our meal, we really enjoyed our evening with visiting and having fun together. As you can see I must have been very busy just enjoying the family, because the only picuter I got was this one of Chris a little out of it.
(Not really, we were just having a bit of fun.) The next morning Larry and I opened our gifts together and made phone calls to the kids. And this is the problem with not writing it down right away, but I believe it was the next day that we went to the cabin to spend the rest of the Christmas Vacation. There was hardly any snow as you will see in the pics. We did do a little snowmobiling, but stayed totally on the roads. I read a lot and enjoyed just being a bum and relaxing.
Well...even though Nate and Steph's baby was due the first week of March she ended up coming on February 23, 2012. Avonlea Mary-Hazel Walker was born at 9:42PM Pacific Time. We would have liked to go down right away, but didn't quite work into our schedule. Although the best Aunt and Uncle, Shannon and Chris, went down the week after she was born. Spring Break was coming up the first week of April so decided to wait until then.
We thought it would be fun to make it a family affair, so Larry and I went down in Jamie's Burb, along with Jamie,of course,Dallin, Zac and Shannon went back down with us. Jamie and us stayed at a hotel and Shannon stayed at Nate and Steph's. We were there about 3 days and just enjoyed playing with Avonlea and doing a little shopping, of course out to eat and visiting. I just have to share a "few" pics. :)
Avonlea is now 3 months old and getting cuter everyday. I thought I'd also through in some of her professional pics that make her look even cuter.
In May a previous student and my nephew, Garrett got married. I am excited for him as he seems so HAPPY, but I think I will actually do a small post on that seperately after this one is finished or else this will be very long. Just to bring us up to date now. Last Thursday our eldest granddaughter, Starley Polei graduated from Tooele High School. It was the day before school got out for me and it was in Salt Lake City at the Huntsman Center at 4:00pm.
Larry and I both wanted to be there and so I found someone at school that could watch my class for the last 1 1/2 hours of the day so I could get away and make it in there for it. Jamie and Bruce volunteered to pick me up that way I could just meet Larry in there. So I hurried home and got ready.
It was suppose to be best dressed, which I thankful that they did. On a side note, I'm glad that they wanted to make this a true Pomp and Circumstance affair, and not have people coming in just whatever they wanted. Although there was a few there in whatever, most were well dressed.
Anyway off my soap box....it was a nice evening and I liked that the kids did most of the whole thing themselves. The only speakers were from their class and a couple of muical numbers also from the class. It was really nice, and as always we only got a few pictures after as she was flitting here and there to see friends. She went out to dinner afterwards with her mother and Trevor and so we went out with Bruce and Jamie and Dallin.
It was a very pleasant evening. We have Jennsen graduating next year so I thought that it would be like this year and that Stansbury High would graduate after Tooele again and that way graduation wouldn't be until 7:00pm....but after looking at the district's calendar for next year they are flip flopping, so looks like I'll be finding someone to watch my class again next year. Oh well!!!
Well, this isn't super detailed but it is long enough and it has basically caught me up on the main events since I wrote last. Life is good and family is all important. I'm grateful for Larry's kids and being able to be a part of their families. It's been a good year thus far and I'm sure there are many more good things to come in 2012.

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