Thursday, June 2, 2011

Schools Out For Summer

It's over and a new era is about to begin. It has been an interesting couple of years since the fire at the old elementary school. Not only has it been a stressful last few years, I've also had a very stress filled last few weeks of school just trying to get everything completed to end the year. A lot of long hours the last week of school allowed me to get my portable classroom cleaned out and ready to move inside.

It has been kind a interesting spring. I had hoped to go to the new Grantsville Elementary School, but fate would have that not to be. So then we began to make the best of staying at the school I am now. Those of us being left behind decided that we had a very good faculty staying and we wanted to make some changes that would make this school new and exciting for the students as the new school in town would be for the others. First on our list of changes was to change the mascot. Willow had been the k-2 school in town and with GES being the "Grizzlies" it had been the "Cubs".
We didn't think that the older kids would think too much of being the cubs. Not that cubs isn't a good mascot, but here, it had come to signify the young grizzly. We knew that especially the older kids wouldn't want to keep that as a mascot.
So we did a vote at school, and with a little guidance from the teachers we will now be the "Wolves". We as a staff are quite excited for that. As we thought of how a wolf pack works, we thought it will be perfect to work on unifying a new school. We thought it would also have some great behavior plans to go with it. Wolf Packs work together, they take care of one another, they look after the pups. We want to use Rudyard Kipling's statement of "For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack" as our school pledge. We just think it is going to be great.
Other than that we've had a bit of a rough time getting going as a faculty, because we've had some changes. It was announced in May that our principal would be moved to the Jr. High so now we'll start the year with a new principal. Her name is Mrs. Coon, and as she was busy closing her school for the year, she hasn't done much with us. We feel like we're in a bit of a limbo. So guess some or our excitement to get the year started as been kinda put on hold. I'm sure we'll get moving, but just not as quickly as we had hoped. For now I guess I'm happy to just be moved into a building and not have to move again. I've moved every year for the last 3 years and so I am sick of putting up a brand new classroom every year. I'm happy that this will be my last time for awhile. I'm getting too old for this. :)
So I guess it is goodbye to my era at GES, and goodbye Willow Cubs and Hello to Willow Wolves. Looking forward to a new year, after a restful summer of course!!

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