Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy 8th to US!!!

Today is our 8th Anniversary. In some ways that seems so short and then it seems like we've been together forever, a great forever!! I just want to say that I love you Babe, so much more than I did on that day 8 years ago. We went through so much to have that beautiful day at the Vernal Temple and my love has only grown stronger for you, Larry! You're my strength when I need someone to lean upon. You're my pal to do so many fun things with. You're my confidant when I need that listening ear. I love when you smile at me, it tells me how much you love me. I love when you tell me "I LOVE YOU" just out of the blue. I love cuddling with you and enjoying your soft touches. You are my world and my "Eternal Buddy". I'm so grateful for the beautiful opportunity that we have to be sealed for Time and All Eternity. You're the BEST!! I LOVE YOU!


  1. Very sweet. Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. So sweet! You two make a great match! We love you both! Congratulations!!