Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time for Relaxation, kinda..

Yeah... I was out of school last Friday. The kids were so wired, but I tried to keep them fairly on track and they tried their best. I guess I'll see if they remember anything I taught them when they come back on Jan. 3rd. For now I'm glad that their parents are handling them for the remainder of the holiday season, and it time for a little relaxation, kinda.. :)
We were going to head to the cabin on Monday of this week, but Larry's work decided that they needed him to stay and get this pump he's working on out in a timely matter. So now it could be Wed. or Thurs., it's a day to day wait. I've been busy trying to get all of Christmas finished up and get the laundry, food shopping and cleaning the house so it will be good when I get back home. We'll be at the cabin for the whole time so I won't have time to do anything when I get back. I'll be glad to just get up there where I can really relax, because for now it's just plain work to get the menu together and get everything all packed up for that extended stay. Not only that but it has to be packed together so that it can make the trip on the sleigh behind the snowmobile. There isn't any of this just throwing it in and getting it up there. After we get up there it will be great fun.
Last night our friends Holly and Stuart Wilkins came out to Salt Lake, because they're headed out on a plane today to Hawaii. They decided since their kids were all going to the other side of the family that they weren't just going to stay home the two of them and stare at each other.. lol Anyway since they were in town we went in and had dinner with them and Stuart's sister and husband, and then went to the lights on temple square. Guess who didn't take their camera??? Well anyway it was a fairly nice evening with snow lightly falling. Not much snow on the ground with all the rain mixed with it over the past few days, but none the less beautiful. So it was great to see them and spend a little time with them. I'm sure they'll have fun in the sun. I told Holly we were kinda going to the opposite extremes.
Well, anyway, I've taken a small brief moment of my busy day to get this posted and then I'll have to post about Christmas when we get back. I'm really looking forward to the time of just enjoying the fire and the beautiful scenery from inside the warm cabin. Oh I'll also enjoy a few excursions out and about on the snowmobiles too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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