Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving in Idaho

Yup... I'm finally getting on here and writing about Thanksgiving. I've not had the chance since we got back. I had to work until Wednesday at 1:30, so we didn't really get a very early start. The weather was pretty bad on Tuesday and a lot of reports said you shouldn't travel on Wednesday, but it was pretty good anyway. So Larry met me at home about 2 and we headed on our way.(Two dogs in the back and all) Our kids were all going other places this year and Marla had invited us to come up quite awhile ago, so I didn't see any use of Larry and I just having a meal together and doing nothing. The roads were a little icy, so the going was a little slow. We also had to pull over for about 20 minutes to let Larry talk to someone at work on the phone. He's so needed there!! Then we stopped in Tremonton to have a quick burger. Once we got to the interchange of I84 and I86 at Rupert we sit in traffic for what must of been 30 minutes going about 5 mph. Finally after making it through we headed on our way again. As we passed Wendell I wished Mom and Dad a Happy Turkey day. It seemed to weird not to stop there. We finally made it to Mark and Marla's about 9:00. Not too bad considering. It was great to spend the time with the Hegerhorsts. Margie and Katie were there along with some of Emily's room mate and sister from BYU Idaho. They were from North Carolina and couldn't go home so Marla had asked them to come. We had a very delicious meal on Thanksgiving along with games and movies and fun!! It was very cold up there so Marla and I didn't go out much...thus no pictures. I should have taken a picture of us playing that one game where we had to wear a hat as the King, Queen... or the Scum. Oh yeah, I think that is what it was called "Scum". Mark and Larry spent a lot of time doing something around the farm or helping the girls fix something with their cars. They even drove into Mountain Home and took Margie's car in for something. Katie would take all the dogs on a run either on the 4 wheeler or her in the truck. So at least the two dogs got good exercise, even if I didn't. All in all it was a terrific holiday. We had planned on coming back on Sunday morning but decided to come back a day early... boy was I glad since it snowed and the road was even closed for awhile on Sunday. Thanks Hegerhorsts for being able to be with family on the holiday. We love you!!

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