Monday, October 18, 2010

September, September....where did you go????

Now that it is almost the end of October, I thought I'd catch up on September. There's not a lot to say. I'm sure there are some things I've forgotten. That's what happens when you get to be my age and don't write it down as it happens.

The one thing I really wanted to write about was that Larry had his birthday the last day of August and we have two grandchildren that have their birthday's the 1st part of September. Kylee on the 9th and Dallin on the 12th. I thought that we could celebrate all together. So I invited everyone up on the first weekend of September to the cabin so that we could have a little family time and enjoy each other. It had been a long and hairy summer and we had spent little time together as a family. So I baked a cake that I hoped would make all of them happy. We also had a request for homemade icecream, so we couldn't disappoint.

We also did a lot of what we enjoy doing together and that is 4 wheeling. I'm sure that some of you get tired of seeing photo's of us on them...but we enjoy it. Dallin just turned 6 and we took the training wheels off his dirt bike. He wasn't too sure he wanted to try it, but we all encouraged him...especially his Uncle Chris and so Chris and his dad went out and ran along side him. I wish I would have had a camera after he realized he could do it. A few falls but he was doing great and he was all SMILES!!

Some of us also took a little longer, and much to my surprise, a bit of a harder trail on Monday, which was Labor Day. Shannon and Jamie stayed home, but I went along with the grandkids and the men... maybe I should have stayed home. Actually I quite enjoyed it and was also proud of myself for being able to do the trail. It was not very wide going through trees, and it had a lot of ups and downs that were quite steep. I do not know what we would have done had there been someone coming towards us on that trail. I don't know how we would have passed. Of course, I didn't take any pics of the hard trail...I was way to busy, but I have a few of our rest stop that we took in the valley so that my nerves could relax. :)

Larry and I have also been up there quite a bit in September working on staining and cutting up a big tree that decided to just fall over. It was very large and had been dead every since I've been going up. I guess that the roots had had enough and over it came. Glad that we or the dogs were not down there when it came falling over. We had to break the top part of to get it off our road to get out. The next weekend we spent some time cutting up some of it. We now have some nice new big sitting logs for around the fire pit. Wish I had taken some pics of that old dead tree it was amazing to hear it fall.
It was a busy September but a very satisfying one.

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