Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break

Well... this week has been my spring break. It actually started last Friday, because it was furlough day for the teachers. Anyway, I've been enjoying it. I get up and get Larry off to work and then I have been very good at lounging the morning away. I have been working on my homemade birthday cards as I've not had much time to work on them for a long time. I'm sorry to all my family because I just haven't gotten too many cards out this year. Now that I've been making some more of them will see a card. I've also made a dog bed for our two kids.. lol. They totally tore the last one apart. I left Larry home sick one day and thought the dogs would be fine going in and out since he was home. Well.....while he was sleeping the two of those wonderful lab pups, got the "huge" dogbed through both of the dog doors and out in the backyard and proceeded to have a party. I would loved to have had a video of that. At any rate I saved the stuffing and have now produced a new bed. Yeah...for me!! I'm also going to have a scope on my knee for vacation. Doesn't that sound like fun. I found out last week, after having an MRI that I have a torn miniscus and some damage on my cartilage. I hope that it isn't too bad. I wanted to do it at the beginning of break, but it ended up that I'm having it done on Friday. I'm hoping that I can be back to school on Monday. The doctor's said that it was a possibility. We shall see. I'll have to write a blog about that later. I also went into Salt Lake City yesterday to play with my friend Heather. We went out to lunch and did a little shopping. Always a fun day. All in all it has been a nice down time, before all the craziness of getting ready for State tests at school begins. It's been a pretty good spring break even with all the snow yesterday.

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