Monday, July 25, 2011

Enjoying the Lake

Our two lab girls really needed a bath. Larry thought that before he washed them they would really enjoy some time out in the lake. They really do love the lake and we don't give them enough time to just go out and play. It is a lot of work, because then they are wet etc...etc...etc...
Anyway, I went out to get a few shots with my phone. I just love watching them enjoy the lake, they ARE labs. However, they both have a few quirks that I just have to laugh about. Sadie, the chocolate lab, just loves to swim, however she doesn't really know how to swim. You would think a lab would just come knowing how to do this.

It's not as if their mother could give them swimming lessons. When you watch most dogs swim their legs stay under the water with their head above the water. Not Sadie, she swims with her front feet coming out of the water, which makes her back end sink in the water, which I know that makes it harder. But, she is such a trooper and will do it over and over again. Brandie,the black lab, on the other hand is a good swimmer, but a little lazy. She is a bit bigger and a little over weight, which I'm sure makes it a little harder, but she likes to have Sadie go out to get the orange bird and then try to take over as Sadie reaches closer to shore. Sometimes I think she is going to drown Sadie.

Brandie does go and get the bird, but when she gets tired she lets Sadie do the main work. Also because Sadie is a little sleeker she is a little faster and often will beat Brandie to the bird. We have two, but they tend to go after the same one. They just made my day and I got some good laughs watching them and seeing their excitement in playing out in the lake. Anyway, they both had a great time, and got a bath to boot, now I can let them back into the house. :)

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  1. This is what summer is ALL ABOUT! Don't just love it? I am really enjoying my summer now... :)