Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't Forget to Read

Hey.... I just realized that my latest post says I did it a week ago. That's because that's when I started it.. LOL It just took me a week to get all of it written and the pictures downloaded to my post. Seems that I am way slow with Christmas this year. I finally got my Christmas post finished and this past weekend, I finally got Christmas down in my house. I guess since I didn't get to enjoy my decorations at home for very long, we just enjoyed them a little longer this year. Actually I didn't have time to take them down after we got home from the cabin and then the next weekend we went up to Cassy and Reed's for Isaac's baptism. I've been too tired after school to take things down and it has been way to cold outside to take the outside stuff down. However, finally it is all down!! TA DA!!! As much as I love putting Christmas up, it is also so nice to get down. The house seems so fresh and empty and just right for a fresh start to the year. Happy New Year all!!!

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