Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Wonderful Years

June 14th was Larry and my 7th anniversary. There are times that I can't believe I've been married that long and then there are times that it seems like it's been more than that and I mean that in a good way! It was a pretty normal day. I had just gotten back from Girls camp the end of the last week and our anniversary was on a Monday. Soooo Larry went off to work and I did a little laundry and a few other things to clean up after camp here at home. I also got Larry's present wrapped. I've had his gift since April. I had gone in and gotten it during my spring break. I knew what I wanted to give him this year. He has this favorite jeweler, Mike's Custom Jewelry, that he always gets my jewelry at. I decided I wanted to get him a ring this year. I knew I had to get it at Mike's. They are a little more pricey 'cause they do custom work...they're REAL Jewelers. was a beautiful ring and I think he really loved it.... at least he's been wearing it every day.
We had decided that weekend that it would be fun to do dinner and go out to a movie. I thought we might just keep it low key and go here in Tooele, but Larry emailed me during the day and asked if I'd like to go out to dinner at Tuscany (a nice Italian place in S.L.C.) and to a movie in there. That sounded great to me. We had reservations for 7:00 pm. I looked up the movie we had talked about going to and found the times and where it was playing.
Dinner was delicious and the chefs even sent us out a nice dessert with a candle in it for our anniversary. We then went down to Jordan Commons to see a movie called "Killers". Doesn't sound like a very good anniversary movie does it?? lol It actually is a Romantic Comedy and has a lot of good guns in it that kept Larry interested too!! (He actually is very willing to watch the romantic comedies with me.) With just the two of us at home almost every night we have a lot of time together anyway...but it was a wonderful evening to remember the love that we share and enjoy each other. Just want to say with all the ups and downs, I still love Larry so very much and hope for so many more wonderful years together right into Eternity!! I love you Larry!!


  1. Watch'll turn around and it will be 11 years and 5 kids later! LOL Just kiddding. :) Love you both and glad you had a great anniversary! :)

  2. Allisha... I'm glad you're kidding about the 5 kids... LOL I don't think that is going to happen until the eternity part.. :)