Friday, February 5, 2010

New Cabin Decor

Just wanted to write about a few things. Christmas time Santa gave us this beautiful new addition to our cabin decor. I just love it and wanted to share how cute it looks up on the wall. It really did fit in to our color scheme and decor so well. I was excited to make that find.
I also got a great book for Christmas from Larry. It is The Undaunted by Lund. I totally enjoyed that book. I'm almost sad that it is over. It's a book about the pioneers that were sent on a mission to settle the San Juan region of Utah. What a great story of how much they went through. Of course it has that fictional story happening amongst all the history (which I also loved) I think I'd like to take a ATV ride down in the area that they traveled. It would be so cool to see the evidences that are left of their courageous trip. If you liked the Work and Glory books you'd like this one too.

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  1. Stewart and I are reading that book too! We are reading it together, but I got tired of the slow pace we had to keep with his school schedule and read a head and finished it... just dont tell Stewart that he thinks I am reading it for the first time with him. HA HA! I would love to go and visit that area now and see everything that was explaned in the book for myself. When you go let me know all about it... I am sure you will get there before we do. Love you lots!!!